“Romance”: Even before release, Camila Cabello’s new album adds 2 billion streams globally


This Wednesday (13) Camila Cabello released the cover of “Romance”, scheduled for release December 6. Fans who already secured the album on Apple Music received a preview from the tracklist. It will have “Shameless”, Liar, “Cry For Me” and “Easy”, which was expected.

The question was whether “Señorita”, a partnership with Shawn Mendes, would join the tracklist. Apparently, the answer is positive, in the range 5.

As a result, the album adds 2 billion streams globally, even before its release. The fact that “Senorita” is included adds a lot to that, as it has over 959 million streams in Spotify alone.

After “Senorita”, the most heard is “Liar”, with 134 million (Spotify).

“I can’t believe this is happening. ‘Romance’. December 6th. I wanted this album to talk about what it’s like to fall in love, which is impossible to do, but I can say that I tried my best. I have never lived my life so much while writing this album. It was messy, and beautiful, unforgettable and sometimes painful that I wanted to forget. It was something that consumed me terribly and it was impossible not to get lost, it was mine… and now it’s yours. I hope you love him as much as I loved experiencing him. You can make the advance purchase this Friday and there is a new song ‘Living Proof’ that will be released together. One of the first and one of the favorite songs I wrote for this album. OH MY GOD AND A TOUR, ”wrote the singer about the album.


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