“Romance”: British Parade Site Goes Forward and Elects the Three Best Songs on Camila Cabello’s New Album


Camila Cabello will officially release the album “Romance” on December 6, but some official vehicles are already making their reviews. After The Sun, it was the turn of Official Charts, the UK charts website.

This time, they did it differently and advanced the fans to the top three songs, releasing some details. The highlight is “My Oh My”, as The Sun has also defined it as one of the best.

Bad Kind of Butterflies

“After what I’m going to say, I understand if you hate me.” This is how Camila opens ‘Bad Kind of Butterflies’. Yes, this is the moment when you are about to tell someone that the relationship is over and – worse – that you are interested in someone else. If that wasn’t enough to cause anxiety, the band’s sparse mix of violins and strong beats makes it all seem like a nightmare.

First man

Much of Romance falls into the doldrums of time, but the closing song, ‘First Man’, is a proper, exciting and tearful piano ballad to discover what love really is like. “I swear at heart he’s a good man… I’m very happy, I think he can be the one,” she sings, capturing the moment you tell your parents that the person you’re dating can be really good. The whole thing ends with a sentence that seems to make a connection with Shawn Mendes. After all, they are not done yet, right?



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