Rolls-Royce electric may have BMW i7 engine


Although it has made no official statement on the matter, evidence suggests that Rolls-Royce, a subsidiary of the German BMW group, is preparing to enter the electric vehicle market with an entirely new model – and a prototype of the Phantom sedan would be the springboard for bolder tests, points out Autocar.

In late 2020, the manufacturer registered the Silent Shadow brand with the German patent office, with reference to the best-selling Silver Shadow, manufactured from 1965 to 1980. Despite the lack of information on the shape of the car in question, it would be based on the technology transmission and battery of the BMW iX, large electric SUV recently unveiled.

Torsten Müller-Ötvös, Rolls-Royce’s CEO, in turn, confirmed in a statement that the automaker “would skip” the adoption of hybrid technologies. The objective, he added, is to establish assertive strategies in this highly competitive sector – which will result in the first alternative to the traditional gasoline-powered V12 engine since 2003.

“We need to make smart decisions about where we invest our money,” he said, without disregarding the value of other shares. “It can be good for larger companies to go into hybrids and all kinds of different technologies.”

What to expect?

According to Autocar, the development of the Silent Shadow was combined with that of the BMW i7, scheduled for launch in 2022, so many of the components will be shared, all to maximize production efficiency.

Therefore, both models will be equipped with electric motors and axles produced by BMW, as well as batteries that use cells supplied by Samsung SDI, indicate engineers involved in its development. Chinese CATL equipment would not be discarded, depending on its supply capacity.

In any case, the novelty should include a new aluminum space structure from Rolls-Royce and a battery of over 100 kWh for a range of at least 500 km traveled. In total, the vehicle would approach 3 tons or even exceed them, with both rear and four-wheel drive.


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