Rollable phone LG Rollable will be released this year


LG also showed off its Rollable phone yesterday at the CES 2021 online event. It has now confirmed that this product is a real product to be introduced in 2021. LG Rollable will feature what the company describes as a “unique resizable screen”. Thanks to this screen, a normal phone can turn into a tablet with a small screen. The screen will pop in and out, offering a large viewing area.

“Our management wanted to show that this is a real product, as there are many rumors about the foldable phone,” a LG representative told Nikkei. “Since it was shown at CES 2021, I can say it will hit the market this year.”

In addition, Nikkei reported that LG is working with the Chinese BOE Technology Group on rolling screen technology. LG has not yet verified what screen technology Rollable uses or any details about the different screen sizes.

LG Rollable is not the first Explorer project

LG first started working on Rollable as part of the company’s “Explorer Project” experiments. As part of this project, the company previously developed the LG Wing smartphone with a rotating design and two OLED displays. This product was also launched abroad last year. It is expected to arrive in Turkey in February.

Now that LG has named the new LG Rollable phone and confirmed it will be released this year, we will see a race among phone manufacturers to bring this rolling screen technology to life. TCL also showed off its future phone concepts last March. Oppo introduced a concept device with an expandable OLED display towards the end of last year.


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