Roku and Google Close A Deal And YouTube Will Remain On The Platform


Roku: In October, Roku revealed that the YouTube app would no longer be available to users of the platform as of December 9, but luckily things worked out. This Wednesday (8), the company revealed a partnership with Google to extend YouTube’s permission on branded services.

Roku and Google closed the deal to make the app available “for several years” — to allay the anxiety of users of the platform, the partnership was unveiled exactly the day before YouTube was officially removed from the store.

bullshit successfully resolved

“Roku and Google have agreed to a multi-year extension for YouTube and YouTube TV. This agreement represents a positive development for our shared customers, making YouTube and YouTube TV available to all streamers on the platform,” revealed a spokesperson from Roku.

According to a leaked email sent in 2019, the conflict between the companies began with Google’s demands for Roku to give away concessions and exclusive data. Supposedly, that’s the only way the giant would keep the YouTube app on the platform. However, Google denied the accusation and said it did not request the aforementioned data.

After revealing the agreement, Roku’s shares jumped more than 12% this Wednesday morning (8), even without revealing the terms of the partnership. About 56 million accounts will be able to continue watching YouTube on the platform.