Rohff would love to collaborate with Jul “he’s a great artist”!


During his interview with Rapunchline, Rohff spoke of his future projects for 2021 as well as his desire to do a feat with Jul!

Rohff has made a comeback on social media recently when he opted for secrecy several months ago.

Although this reappearance gave rise to different clashes with Booba, Rohff intends to send heavy musically speaking.

Asked by the Rapunchline journalist about a possible new album, Rohff replied: “I work on titles, I have fun, I renew myself, I look for things and as soon as I am satisfied, we talk about all this seriously. “.

Before adding: “And from time to time, I send you a heavy title like G.O.A.T like SOLO like Tous à l’Avri, like You got it”.

This answer sounds to many fans like the announcement of an upcoming album!


Also during this interview, the rapper from 94 spoke of future collaborations. So he talked about other rappers, Jul in particular.

The latter therefore praised the investigator of the “Organized 13” project. “He is a great down-to-earth artist. I think he’s got a good frame of mind and he’s simple (…) that’s what makes him successful. And above all, he’s got a lot of inspiration. I’ve already talked to him on the phone, he said (…) Listen to me, I grew up on your sounds, etc… He didn’t hide it (…) ”he revealed.

Either way, the words may not go unnoticed by Jul. Moreover, when the journalist asks Rohff about a future collaboration between them, his answer is final.

“(…) Yes, why not” agrees Rohff apparently leaving for a common project with the Marseille rapper, Jul. In any case, if this project sees the light of day, it risks to be a hit insofar as both Rohff and Jul are two great figures of rap.

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