Rohff violently attacks Booba and 6ix9ine!


Very angry, the French rapper Rohff violently attacked his rival, Booba, and the American rapper 6ix9ine. In the story of his Instagram account, the French rapper Rohff knocked out his biggest rival, Booba. In the process, he also attacked 6ix9ine.

When it’s not one, it’s the other. Usually the tackles come from Booba. Moreover, it is not for nothing that Internet users nickname him the king of clashes.

However, Rohff didn’t wait for his rival to come after him this time around. Indeed, the interpreter of Rap Game, Confused. and The Sound That Kills got carried away.

The reason ? During a question-and-answer session on Instagram, a fan asked him about their ford-war. The two artists have hated each other for years.

So Rohff did not try to calm things down. Quite the contrary! The French rapper denounced B2O’s behavior which he found unhealthy and abusive.

“He’s out of touch with reality, he’s lost his mind,” Housni said, very upset. Before continuing: “You imagine at 44 years old, father of a family, he takes a picture of his t * ub in the toilet and gets naked on Twitter. ”

Indeed, a naked photo of Omar and Luna’s father has been leaked online. However, it was not the rapper who shared his intimacy, but a super hacker.


However, Rohff does not believe in the history of hacking at all. According to him, his big rival faked “a hacking to desperately buzzer.”

The Padre went even further by insulting him perverts. “There are dirty minors sexual pervert going. Who would have thought that in Lunatic’s time that he would be nudist in 2021, he squeezed. ”

In any case, Rohff didn’t just take offense at Booba during this question and answer session. Indeed, the artist also got angry with 6ix9ine, the American rapper.


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