Rohff poses in all modesty on Instagram!


In the feed of his Instagram account, the French rapper Rohff poses. With his black eyes, he seduces all his subscribers.

Rapper Rohff has just unveiled a new photo on his Instagram account. He poses and once again seduces his fans.

To rest ? Rohff doesn’t have time. At a time when all French people find themselves confined a second time, the French rapper does not want to waste a minute.

Indeed, the interpreter of Repris de narrowly works very hard in his corner. With music, Housni Mkouboi, whose real name is, does not laugh.

And we have to believe that his state of mind inspires young artists. This is the case with Maes who considers him a real pillar in the rap game.

In any case, this is what the @RapFrActus Instagram account reports. In a publication, he recounts a phrase that the young French rapper would have said.

So Rohff would be “one of (his) musical bases as (he) always said.” “So the Prioritaire performer would draw inspiration from all his songs, and his strength.

For his part, the main man has never commented on rapper Maes. However, the 42-year-old French rapper keeps one and the same principle: never criticize.

For him, the new generation is sacred. Thus, he assured: “I do not shoot little brothers, whom I like or whom I dislike. ”


In fact, Rohff has just opened up about his mentality. It is in the caption of his new publication that the rapper spoke.

“My * mind is priceless no rich man can pay my head! #goat, ”he wrote. To accompany his illustrious sentence, the latter posted a photo of him.

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So Rohff strikes a pose, seated on an armchair. Dressed all in khaki, the artist views the lens with all modesty.

So in the comments, the compliments flow. “Someone in the right is right” or “The flow is stratospheric”, we can read under the cliché.


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