Rohff is proud to pose in conquest mode!


Rohff poses on Instagram and then appears very proud in conquering mode on his motocross. The cliché sends very heavy!

Even in pictures, Rohff continues to get everyone on the web. The rapper of the 94 is then unanimous on Instagram in conquering mode on his yellow motocross!

As you probably know, Rohff has made his comeback on the French rap scene. And nothing and no one seems to be able to stop it!

The very famous rapper from the 94 thus connects projects, but above all, very big successes. It must be said that he still has so much talent.

Not long ago, Roh2f also threw the unreleased music video for his latest track called Goat. And once again, the song rocks!

On YouTube, he already has more than 400,000 views. So this is one more card for the interpreter of Message to the scum.

Very proud of the latter, Rohff then took the pose in conquering mode on Instagram.


On the evening of November 19, Rohff therefore fed his Instagram feed with a brand new and never-before-seen shot. Something to delight his many fans!

The rapper of the 94 thus appears on his yellow motocross with a pair of glasses and a sublime black outfit. It feels like a movie!

The photo sends very heavy. Internet users thus unanimously validate the cliché. And us too!

Unsurprisingly, compliments flow under the artist’s post. And his best punchlines too! “Raise your cross, your glock, or even …”, “In the carriage, the seeds of the bitumen have bloomed”.

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We let you take a look at the sublime photo of Rohff. Nothing stops the machine!


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