Rohff is making fun of his interview with Dadju!


Rohff finally reveals the title and the release date of his next featuring with Dadju. A great way to end the year!

Several months ago, Rohff announced good news to his fans! Indeed, the rapper was preparing a feat with singer Dadju.

During the lockdown, Rohff had been busy throwing unreleased material. The latter even mentioned a collaboration with Dadju during a live on April 2, 2020 on his social networks.

Thus, the rapper of the 94 explained: “We are going to join forces my brother, we are going to make a fucking classic, a timeless piece, a heavy thing that will fit into all the barracks.” Dadju confirmed the idea by replying “no problem, that’s fine.”

But after announcing the big news, the performer of The Power was rather discreet! Indeed, he hadn’t said more, nor even revealed the title of the song. A mystery that had greatly aroused the curiosity of his fans!

But things seem to be happening! Indeed, Rohff has just made a special announcement on his Instagram account.


Rohff has just published the cover of his next feat with Dadju, on his Instagram account. Now we know the title will be called Secure.

In the caption, the star writes: “Hey the team, you wanted a killing spree before the end of the year ok see you Friday 25 for the release of my new Classic with @dadju clip at 6pm !!! # OfficialVersion Version “.

So this is news that seems to delight his many fans. Indeed, the post was liked by over 6,000 people in less than an hour.

Similarly, there are many comments. “It’s going to fart, you’re going to flee 😂”, “I can’t wait 🔥”, “I’m counting on you to kill that”, “Pissed off”, “The chapters league boss 🇰🇲🔥🔥🔥🔥 El padre 🔥 “, can we read on his profile.

So we can’t wait to discover this new feat between Rohff and Dadju!