Rohff appears in the locker room with the Mastar!


Rapper Mastar validates Rohff’s acting in the hit series Validated! We’ll give you more details. Rohff and Mastar are posting together in the dressing room on social media!

As we discovered on the rapper’s Instagram account, Master and Rohff are having a blast behind the scenes of the series. Indeed, the latter posted a video that will make you smile on the social network.

If you missed it, we put it for you at the end of this article. So we see the two rappers – and actors – in a dressing room.

Rohff starts off by complimenting Mastar on her acting, before rambling on her about her role. “The boycott, the wizard” he said in reference to his character in the series Validé.

“Hollywood actor or…? Rohff asks Mastar. The latter then replies “Or Bollywood?” Finally, Mastar tells us that the rapper has a good acting game! We can’t wait to find out.


Franck Gastambide’s series on French rap was a resounding success with a first season. Our favorite characters are therefore back for a 2nd season of Validé.

In fact, filming already started last September! As for its release, surely during the year 2021.

At the end of October, Franck Gastambide therefore confirmed Rohff’s participation in season 2. After Lacrim, Soprano or Kool Shen, it is his turn to prove himself.

Fans of the rapper were therefore delighted to know that their favorite star would join the cast of the series. In fact, this season 2 promises to be explosive and very different from the first.

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Starting with the main character. Indeed, this time Hatik will not be the star but a young rapper.

It is indeed Laetitia Kerfa, known as Laeti. The new heroine of the series is also a rapper and actress in life! Case to be continued.


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