Rohff announces his big comeback with a song Drill!


The surprise is considerable. Rapper Rohff has just announced his return with a new, slightly different track. Indeed, the 46-year-old rapper changes his register and goes Drill! Just that !

Remember, Drill is a musical genre derived from hip-hop. So it’s still a change for the rapper.

Indeed, Rohff is mainly known for his French rap pieces such as Sacrificed Generation, The Heart of a Man, and The Code of Honor.

To change the musical genre, the project must therefore really be close to his heart!


Besides the fact that this choice is surely close to his heart, this decision is also in tune with the times.

Indeed, the drill has for a while been a great success. It is also one of the major trends in current French rap. So normal that Rohff wants to try the experiment!

It remains to be seen if his fans, accustomed to classic rap pieces, will still be there!

On Instagram, the announcement of this musical change generated many reactions, both positive and negative:

“Beautiful brother”, “The padre of the rap game”, “Don’t do that man”, “You shouldn’t be content with just one song. From now on, we have to get up to date and create entire albums ”.

For the moment no details have been given regarding the release date. We will therefore have to wait a little longer to discover the song. To be continued !

In any case, we can’t wait to see the result!


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