Rohff accuses Dadju of having leaked their featuring!


On Instagram, rapper Rohff revealed that the person responsible for the leak of his feat with Dadju was none other than … Dadju himself!

Recently, Rohff posted a video of him and Dadju having dinner! A video that we can hear the PDRG say that it was Gims’s little brother who leaked their feat before its release …

Three days ago, Rohff posted a video in which the rapper could be heard saying to Dadju, “Dadju was the one who leaked it! We are told, we know that it was you who escaped, it is your team! There was only you who had the sound! You saw his laugh … ”

A post that the “En mode” interpreter captioned: “We laughed at the story of the leak 😜😂🤣with @dadju @ a2l9.4 # Secured 🔐 Available on all online music video platforms! ”

A post that already has more than 86,000 views! Indeed, obviously, Internet users loved this bond between Rohff and Dadju …


Singer Dadju was quick to comment on Rohff’s post in question! “Tell them the truth, you leaked the stuff,” the latter wrote with humor!

Gims’s little brother is not the only one to have commented on this post! “For a title called ‘Secure’, it’s still a shame that it isn’t! ”

Or: “It doesn’t matter who leaked the title of Rohff and Dadju… This feat is a marvel!” “Despite that, sound is a future classic!” “” Unbelievable this title anyway, it’s validated! We can thus read on the social network of the PDRG!

So we let you watch the video ROH2F posted below! The artists actually seem to be laughing about it!


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