Rogue Legacy 2: 8 best runes in the ranking


Rogue Legacy 2 was fully released in 2022 on Xbox and PC and continues to be an indie hit that gamers can’t tear themselves away from. This platformer-bagel managed to surpass its predecessor and became a sequel that received critical acclaim, which everyone hoped for. The game has many ways to customize and satisfy certain play styles and interests.

Runes are an unlockable and equipable part of a player’s equipment, and they vary in usefulness and capabilities. Rogue Legacy 2 has more than two dozen different runes, so it’s important to know which ones are worth investing gold in, as the game can become quite difficult for the unprepared.

8 Storage

It’s hard to find a mechanic as related to video games as a double jump. Most people who have played games for a long period of time know that double jumping is always one of the first unlockable abilities in platformers.

Rogue Legacy 2 is no different, and for players who want to gain an additional advantage through more jumps, just invest 150 gold in getting a Shelter rune. This gives the player additional opportunities to use a Double Jump for each Shelter rune purchased.

7 Gain

Status effects play a big role in Rogue Legacy 2 combat, as burning or poisoning a strong enemy can quickly solve difficult situations. The “Boost” rune increases the duration of status effects by seven and a half percent for each rune. Unfortunately, this is not universal, since the rune does not affect the class talents of Obscura and the Shape of the Comet.

For what it does, Amplification costs quite reasonably — 500 gold. Just make sure that he is equipped only on those classes that can take full advantage, as he is useless if the player cannot actually apply the status effect to enemies.

6 Pointed

Dealing critical weapon strikes, known as weapon crits in Rogue Legacy 2, comes down to a number of factors. Some weapons have automatic critical hits depending on how the player deals damage to the enemy, while classes like Barbarian make it so that any ground attack registers as a skill crit.

The pointed rune, which costs 800 gold to unlock, simply increases the chance of a critical weapon strike and increases by 2.5% with each additional pointed rune. Combining it with other runes that increase the crit of the weapon creates a cumulative force that can be destructive.

5 Magnesis

The Magnesis Rune is a kind of privilege in Rogue Legacy 2, but when players try to get to the final bosses and content, any time saved is appreciated. Magnesis makes the coins fly to the player from long distances in a magnetic way. This does not stop only with gold coins, as this advantage also extends to both ore drops and red ether.

However, when it comes to potions and health drops, players will need to make every effort to acquire them. Gold is of paramount importance at the beginning and middle of the game, so having an internal vacuum that passively accumulates gold makes the runs smoother and faster.

4 Retribution

Getting hit in video games can be frustrating when it seems that the enemy is practically not at risk when attacked. With the “Retribution” rune, the combat dynamics changes dramatically, since any enemy who strikes will receive back damage in the form of one plus 75 percent of the player’s Survivability index.

The only downside to this rune is that if a stricken enemy is killed as a result of retaliation, the player will not see the recoil from the Lifesteal rune or the Relic kill counters they currently have attached to them. Some might argue that this is a small price to pay for deserved retribution.

3 reinforced

In games like Rogue Legacy 2, the player often focuses on health management and weapon ownership. Part of the experience that gets lost is armor, and upgrading defenses can go a long way to making progress and defeating the numerous Estuary bosses scattered across the world map.

The Enhanced Rune is the rune of the gunsmith’s choice, as it increases the player’s total armor by eight percent for each rune activation. For just 1,000 gold, players can become much more formidable in the face of uncertainty.

2 jerks

A dash in Rogue Legacy 2 can become quite exciting, as the movement changes the feeling of combat and opens the way to a neat and exciting path. The Dash Rune takes things to a new level, as each activation of a rune worth 1300 gold gives the player an extra boost.

Of course, Dash can be reset by performing a Spin Kick, but additional applications without the need for activation cause a feeling of cheerfulness. This rune also makes boss fights a lot easier, as many of the encounters depend on how the player has to intelligently decide when and where to use their limited Dash attempts.