Rogue Company exceeded two million players in beta


First Watch Games and Hi-Rez Studios announce that their multiplayer third-person shooter is now free after the successful closed beta phase.

Rogue Company, the third-person team shooter and online multiplayer cut from the creators of Smite, goes to the free to play business model after the great success of its closed beta phase with more than two million players. This has been announced by First Watch Games and Hi-Rez Studios, confirming that their title, from now on, will be free on all platforms, that is, PC (only through the Epic Games Store), PS4, Xbox One and Switch. .

Payment content only aesthetic

Thus, Rogue Company began its early access through a test phase or closed beta in which two million players have been exceeded, thus achieving a great success of participation. Now, its creators have announced that Rogue Company acquires the status of free to play or free game with micropayments so that everyone who wants to can access their games online.

In addition, the arrival of a new character has been confirmed with Dahlia, a former military officer whose sole objective is to fulfill his mission regardless of the consequences or collateral damage. Along with its F2P condition, the cross-play and cross-save characteristics are maintained, with which to play with any player regardless of the platform and continue with our progress through the different platforms where we can play the title.

Of course, according to its creators, Rogue Company will continue to be updated with new content such as characters, weapons and scenarios, all of them free, along with other paid DLC of only aesthetic cut. However, Rogue Company is now available in its final version through the following links, corresponding to each version of the title on their respective platforms: Epic Games Store, PlayStation Network, Xbox Live and eShop.


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