Roger Ver Accepts Covid-19 Hazard


After trying to belittle the Covid-19 pandemic stubbornly, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) advocate Roger Ver seems to have abandoned these attitudes. Ver now admits that the new coronavirus is ‘very dangerous’. However, the venn diagram he shared shows that the pandemic should not be an excuse for excessive access.

Ver’s last tweet represents a dramatic change in the discourse of the Covid-19 skeptic. Ver said those who were concerned about the virus should isolate themselves and leave the rest alone. Ver also ignored the parabolic nature of the pandemic, compared with the rates of deaths caused by other diseases.

The coronavirus is approaching two million cases worldwide, with more than 118 thousand deaths. So far, the worst affected countries have been struggling to correct their situation.

Utopia Proposal
Of course, given the fact that Ver has strong libertarian beliefs, it is no surprise that the governments do not want governments to influence their rights. In 2017 he even proposed to set up a utopia with Olivier Janssens. Give it, he said:

“It is not fun to die with a lot of money, so let’s make the world a better place.”


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