Rodner Figueroa and the scandals that haunt


Rodner Figueroa had a serious moment in his career when he said the unfortunate comment that got him out of Univision, however this has not been the only scandal he has faced. Here we leave you some mishaps that the presenter has had to overcome.

1. The unpleasant controversy

The biggest scandal he has ever had and which triggered some more. In 2015, he made headlines after he compared Michelle Obama, then First Lady of the United States, to ‘an ape’ from the movie Planet of the Apes. This led to his immediate dismissal from Univisión and the rejection of many viewers, who called him “racist.” The communicator apologized and sent a public letter about his statements.

2. They call him “arrogant”

After that unfortunate comment, he moved away from the media a bit, however this did not save him from criticism as there were those who described him as being arrogant. And since Rodner never lets anyone down, he responded to his haters, this put him back in the public spotlight.

3. The past haunts him

But despite having left his comments behind, it seems that the past will haunt him for a while because only at the end of last year he gave something to talk about again because it was said that he could be out of the Miss Universe leadership. The reason would be the comments you made in 2015.


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