Rocky’s Drago Spin-off Completes The Best Shift of The Creed Movies Franchise


The Creed films helped redeem Rocky’s main antagonist Ivan Drago, and here’s how the upcoming spin-off could complete his storyline. “Rocky IV” from 1985 with its sugary dialogues, MTV—style editing and long musical montages is an outstanding character from this series. However, it’s also wildly entertaining and includes some of the franchise’s most iconic moments. This includes the tragic death of Apollo Creed Carl Weathers after a hard fight with Russian boxer Ivan Drago (Dolph Lundgren).

Drago himself was a walking and (sometimes) talking symbol of the Soviet Union, although the sequel gives some insight into his thinking. Rocky IV also became a stellar role for Lundgren, who moved on to other action movie favorites such as “Showdown in Little Tokyo” and “Universal Soldier.” The Rocky franchise got its first spin-off with 2015’s Creed, which follows Michael B. Jordan’s Adonis Creed, who tries to follow in his father’s footsteps as a fighter. Apollo’s departure and the impact he had on Adonis and Rocky was an important part of the film, and Creed 2 expanded that even further. In this sequel, Adonis ran into Victor Drago (Florian Munteanu), Ivan’s son, who returned as Victor’s coach.

Creed 2 took a big risk by bringing back Drago, who was more specific in the Rocky IV trailer, since the character was, in fact, a cartoon villain in Rocky IV. Even Lundgren didn’t want to come back for that reason, but the sequel did a great job humanizing Ivan and exploring how his defeat led to shame in his homeland. This filled him with the determination that his son Victor would succeed where he failed, but by the end of Creed 2 he is learning to overcome his bitterness and put his son’s safety first. It helped that Lundgren brought both calm tension and vulnerability to the role, which makes the announcement of Drago’s spin-off so exciting, as it could complete his character’s redemption.

Ivan Drago Can Complete Creed 2’s Drago’s Redemption

The details of Drago’s story are kept secret, although it is known that screenwriter Robert Lawton will write the story. It is safe to assume that this story will continue to explore the relationship between Lundgren, who had a fake Van Damme feud, and Ivan Drago and Victor, as the latter continues his boxing career. This byproduct can also further flesh out what happened to Drago in the years after Rocky IV, when he had to take care of his son on his own and live with the shame he felt after Rocky’s victory.

There is a lot of rich material that the Drago spin-off could explore, and this is the best version of the Rocky franchise to check out further stories. The film can also explore the human side of Drago that appeared at the end of Creed 2. Drago was harsh with Victor throughout his life and, in fact, used him as a means to redeem himself, so the spin-off can delve into reconciliation between the two men and – as Rocky Balboa was about the main character who I found a life outside of boxing – Ivan is leaving his past.


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