Rockstar Games Is In Trouble With Fake Job Postings


Rockstar Games has been targeted by fraudsters. The company is in trouble with fake job postings. Rockstar Games announced in a statement on the subject that the advertisements are not what they seem. Rockstar Games warned his fans that these were a phishing scheme for money and information.

Rockstar Games is in trouble with scammers

Rockstar Games made a statement on the various fake job postings and how to properly tackle them. While the company is uncertain, it suggested that recruitment scams were conducted via private message (DM) on social media and used to capture personal information. Given that the developer is one of the biggest and most admired studios on the market, it’s no surprise that there are people trying to profit from the brand.

A number of Rockstar Games job postings have been around for months. Considering that the studio is working on the Grand Theft Auto 6 game, it seems like an opportunity not to be missed for fans as well. But Rockstar Games warned fans to stay alert about it. The firm announced via private message that they are not attempting recruitment. He also underlined that the company does not charge any fees or transactions for potential recruitments.

Rockstar Games stated the following in its official statement for fake job postings:

Rockstar Games does not use the private messaging system on social media to communicate and receive information during the recruitment process. In addition, it does not ask for personal information of applicants and never demand payment of fees. If you believe you are a victim of recruitment fraud, please fill out the complaint form at ”

GTA 6 game is a major factor in the emergence of fake job postings

The most recently posted fake job postings feature the roster of artists to be recruited for cinematic trailers for GTA 6 and other future games. Among the many postings opened on behalf of the company, team member applications for GTA 6 draw attention. While there are hundreds of job postings for the game; purchases are made via social media as well as form documents.


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