Rocking News Has Arrived: Metaverse Coins Are About to Go Crazy!


Why are Metaverse coin projects about to go crazy? The world trend in 2022 seems to dominate the metaverse and most of the market. There is a lot of big news regarding Decentraland (MANA), Walmart and their respective cryptocurrencies, as well as the metaverse repository that includes the Cardano metaverse, Axie Infinity (AXS) and much more.

News from the metaverse coin space

Walmart is quietly preparing to enter the metaverse. CNBC reports that Walmart has entered the metaverse with plans to create its own cryptocurrency and an NFT collection on Dec. Some state that the intent to make and sell virtual goods, including electronics, home decor, toys, sporting goods, and personal care products, is all available in the metaverse repository and in a separate file. The company said it will offer users virtual currency alongside NFTs.

Land prices are on the rise in Cardano metaverse project Pavia (PAVIA). The next news is for the Cardano metaverse. Land prices are on the rise in Cardano (ADA) metaverse project Pavia (PAVIA). Launched on the Cardano network last week, Pavia is the first metaverse project on the blockchain, in which 100,000 plots of land are given.

Joe Rogan introduced Axie Infinity Metaverse to 11 million people. Axie Infinity (AXS) got a big round of applause at the Joe Rogan Experience a few days ago. Joe Rogan’s experience has an average of 11 million viewers per episode.

The Australian open starts in Decentraland (MANA). The last one is quick news on Decentraland (MANA). Australian Open (AO) tennis is turning into a metaverse in Decentraland. A virtual recreation of Melbourne’s park, including Rod Laver Arena and Grand Slam Park, will be open for the duration of the AO tournament. A great example of real world adoption in Decentraland. Getting AO into the metaverse is an important step towards truly global access to major event, especially in these pandemic variant escalation times.