Rocket Punch Will Release Official Lightstick


Good news for fans of the rookie girl group, Rocket Punch.

As well as going on a comeback in early August, the Woolim Entertainment girl group has announced the design of their official lightstick which has been opened for pre-order purchases.

The opening of the pre-order lightstick began on July 31 with purchases via ‘Everline Park’.

The design of the Rocket Punch lightstick looks very adorable with a miniature space rocket and 6 stars that surround it.

The light color of this lightstick also has elements of white, purple and pink.

Meanwhile Rocket Punch will release their third mini album, titled “Blue Punch” on August 4, 2020 at 18:00 South Korean time.

What do you think of this official Rocket Punch lightstick?


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