Rocket League will become free next week


Originally launched in 2015, Rocket League soon became one of the greatest video game sensations and now, on September 23, 2020, it will become even greater by becoming free to play, with free download for players on all platforms!

With the Rocket League changes, new free Competitive Tournaments will also arrive, which will run every day! These tournaments can be played alone or with a closed team of three players, who compete in a competition between 32 teams of similar ranking to yours. With the performance of the tournament it will be possible to obtain credits and then exchange them for new exclusive items.

New challenges will also arrive with the right to gift items and XP. There will be three weekly challenges, with three more additional challenges for Rocket Pass Premium subscribers. As if that were not enough, there are still challenges that last for an entire season and yield even better prizes!

The cool thing is that, with the update, it will also be possible to share your progress between the different platforms on which the game was launched by visiting the Epic Games website and then selecting which account has the highest level, and then exporting it. over there. Have you ever played Rocket League, or will you give it a first try in the new free to play version? Comment below!

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