Rocket League: how it works when it’s free


Psyonix explains how we can play against users of any platform once the title goes free to play this summer. Detailed information.

Rocket League will become a free video game (free to play) starting this summer of 2020. After Epic Games bought Psyonix, the developer of this success that has lasted throughout the generation, the North American giant has inclined the project to a new stage where accessibility will be the gateway to a new business model. Being able to play with users from all over the world, the long-awaited cross-play or cross-play, has now been explained.

Cross-play in Rocket League: PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch together

Cross-play is not only a guarantee to be able to match with players from any system, but also an organic way to increase the number of active users online in a single infrastructure. In order to enjoy the crossover game, it will be necessary, of course, an Epic Games account, which will be the one that is registered on the game servers.

When we log in we will receive the Chopper EG Wheels as a gift for this link. Once this is done, when we have linked our original account with Epic’s, we will keep all our progress: no one will lose anything along the way; neither is her level or rank.

What if we make a mistake when selecting our platform? Absolutely nothing happens, because in that case it will be as simple as unlinking the account from the console that we have chosen wrongly and simply restarting the process.

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What will be shared between platforms in Rocket League

  • All free drops
  • Season Titles and Rewards
  • Rocket Pass Items
  • Shopping in store
  • Blueprints and blueprint objects
  • All DLC included in the Legacy Pack

What will not be shared between platforms in Rocket League

  • Exclusive items (such as Sweet Tooth, Hogsticker, Armadillo, Mario and Luigi NSR or Samus’ Gunship)
  • Ultimate Edition DLC (like Batman or DC Superheroes)
  • Premium DLC Pack (examples: Back To The Future, Jurassic World, DC Superheroes, Fast and the Furious, Ghostbusters, Knight Rider …)
  • Esports credits and tokens
  • Finally, in order to guarantee that there are no fraud in the sale of objects, from Psyonix they are going to limit that the exchange of objects is only maintained between players of the same platform.
  • Rocket League is available on PC (Epic Games Store and Steam), PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.


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