Rocket League: how crossplay works on PS4


The title of Psyonix is ​​preparing for a new stage starting on September 23, which will start on all platforms. That Rocket League was going to move to the free-to-play model had already been confirmed for months, as well as that this new stage would begin in summer.

The months have passed and finally Psyonix offered a concrete release date, September 23rd. Along with this new business model, one of the most anticipated functionalities by the gaming community will also be released, the cross game, also known as crossplay. In this way, all users will be able to see their faces regardless of the platform on which they play (PS4, Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch. And how will it work? Here we offer you all the details about it.

How to link the account

To activate crossplay, you need a free Epic Games account, so that’s the first step to take. As soon as you start Rocket League, you will be asked to access the account and then you will have the opportunity to access different options so that the progression is transferred to all the versions in which you play.

What you have to do now is choose the main platform, that is, the system in which you have your best progression, since the progress of the Rocket Pass, the Competitive Rank and the XP level will be transferred to the rest of the systems. Credits and Esports Token will be irretrievably linked to that platform and cannot be transferred to another. After setting the main platform, you will be able to play with your Competitive Rank, Rocket Pass and XP level on any other linked system.

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