Rocket League Gets 120Hz Support on PS5


Rocket League announced this week some of the news that we can expect for the game in its upcoming updates, and one of the main ones is the support for 120Hz on the PS5, which arrives today, the 18th of August.

The higher refresh rate means the game will run at 120 frames per second on format-compatible monitors and TVs. This is especially welcome in competitive Rocket League games.

What the update does, going into details, is to allow two options for graphic settings for the game: quality or performance.

In “quality” mode, the game continues at 60fps, but offers a 4K resolution and is compatible with HDR. To play like this, you need at least an HDMI 2.0 or better connection on a compatible monitor or TV.

The “performance” mode is that it jumps the frame count to 120fps, keeping the HDR, but reducing the resolution to 2688 x 1512, which represents 70% of the 4K. The game’s interface and menus remain in 4K. To play using this very high frame-per-second count you need to be on a newer generation of HDMI, version 2.1.

The most interesting thing about Rocket League is that the game doesn’t have a native version for the PS5 yet. Instead, the console runs the PS4 version for backwards compatibility. But that doesn’t stop the game from taking advantage of the console’s more advanced capabilities, as we can for this newly announced change.


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