Rocket Lab’s Rocket Explodes With 7 Satellites Above It After Launch


Rocket Lab’s 13th Electron takeoff mission resulted in a major disaster. After the takeoff in the last mission of the company, both the rocket and the load carried were blown up. There were 7 satellites on the rocket.

Rocket Lab transports satellites to space and atmosphere with its rockets called Electron. In his last role, “Pics or It Didn’t Happen”, the company loaded seven satellites into the rocket and then launched the rocket.

After the launch, the rocket set on fire in the fourth minute of the flight. The source of the problem is not known, but it is seen in the video recordings that the rocket stops and then loses altitude. The team said they were investigating the incident with the authorities.

Rocket lit up in the air

Peter Beck, the company’s founder, said in a statement on Twitter that he apologized to customers who lost their satellites in the accident. Beck also says that while Rocket Lab will learn from this incident, we also see how cruel the space travel can be. The company is not expected to resume tasks without solving the problem.

There were products from three different customers on the rocket. Canon was the name that attracted the most attention among these customers. The company was planning to present a new camera system to display the Earth. In addition, the satellites of Planet and In-Space were also on the vehicle.

The previous 11 departures were successful

Before the accident, Electron rockets performed 11 launches and each of these missions was successfully completed. Of course, Rocket Lab will not be pushed out of the industry with this accident, but they have a long time to spend on solving problems.

In recent years, private sector companies have been making serious strides in space research. SpaceX was the first private company to go to the International Space Station. Organizations like BlueVirgin continue their work for space travels.

We recently saw other missions fail. As a race whose purpose is to build colonies on other planets, we need to work harder for space travel. You can watch the pictures of the moment of departure and accident below.


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