Rock shared his leg day cheats, and one of them looks much tastier than the other


There are a few things we know about Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Firstly, he will always give 110% in the gym, and secondly, he will enjoy a couple of good cheats between workouts. On social networks, the star shared photos and videos of some really delicious-looking dishes that can quickly attract the attention of his subscribers. Well, Johnson came back to it again this week, as he wrote about the two meals he ate on his last leg day. Surely there will be people who will find both attractive, but you can say that one looks much tastier than the other.

Last Sunday, Rock ate two chitmils, one before the leg workout and the other after it. The first is definitely an interesting way for someone to start their day. In a video posted on Instagram, the star shows brown rice flakes with blueberries, an omelette, English muffins with peanut butter and fried bison. Yes, you read the last one correctly.

Bison is definitely the “choice”, although there are certainly many people who like well-done meat. As for me, I also don’t often see anyone adding peanut butter to their English cupcakes, and not butter, jam or honey. Although everyone has their own! Some people would be more inclined to partake in the post-workout meal that the Red Notice alum has prepared. In the second post, he showed eggs, turkey bacon and homemade cookies with honey.

Some may wonder why Dwayne Johnson eats so many calories on leg day, which he called his “hardest workout of the week.” In the caption to the second meal, he explained that he deliberately plans it on the days of meals in order to get the necessary amount of glycogen, which helps to increase muscle volume. Johnson also cheekily remarked that training on Sundays gives a slight advantage over competitors.

The Rock’s mouth-watering cheat posts have become a legend at the moment. Not only fans, but also colleagues of the actor are familiar with them. His former colleague in the movie “Fast and Furious” Ludacris is so passionate about food that earlier this year he asked a question to his friend when he published a post with a cheat on Monday, not Sunday.

The Jungle Cruise star also shared funny posts when he succumbed to the temptation of cheating on the street on the allocated days. In one case, he dropped a few bombs before indulging himself with juicy sushi. He also humorously wrote about a midnight dinner during which he ate a delicious pie made of crumbs.

While bison food at The Rock may not be for everyone, you definitely can’t get mad at a guy for making a difference when it comes to his delicious cheater dishes. I’m actually looking forward to what he posts next and hope he shows more flawless pancakes in these difficult days.