Rock continues to make cute public gestures, but this time the woman he helped had no idea who he was

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has had stellar box office returns over the past few years, and his upcoming films also look like real hits. However, in addition to his Hollywood career, he apparently kills it when it comes to good deeds. Recently, he not only bought his mother her eternal home, but also bought a house and a car for his cousin. Besides shopping for the house, Johnson apparently continued his string of cute gestures in some smaller forms, and this time the woman he helped didn’t even know who the A-lister was!
Dwayne Johnson has a habit of expressing gratitude for what he has and for how he has been able to provide for people in his life. As a result, he apparently gives to as many people as possible. And after giving the veteran his own truck last Christmas, he now opens the doors to unsuspecting passers-by. In a recent Instagram post, we see Johnson chatting with an elderly woman who may have had a little trouble getting into the car. He opens the door for her and closes it as soon as she is safely inside, keeping the wide smile that has been on his face all this time. You can watch the video in the post below, in which they also exchange cute lines:
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It’s understandable why Rock was in such a great mood, because, in addition to helping his neighbor, he seems to have just returned home to Hawaii, where he lived part of his childhood. He ended this communication with the words “Aloha” and mentioned in the caption that he was glad to return home.
His signature also highlights another rather funny element of interaction in which the woman had no idea who Dwayne Johnson was. Johnson could have just written an extensive list of the best films, letting her know exactly who she just ran into. However, the highly sought-after star apparently told her he was Bruno Mars, even mentioning the musician in his post.
Whether it’s a small gesture like holding the door open for a stranger or buying an entire dream home for his mother, Rock seems to be doing his best when it comes to how he treats his fellow humans. While the interaction may be simpler than what Johnson has done for people lately, it just proves that anyone can show kindness that will improve someone’s day, without the need for recognition.
Dwayne Johnson fans have a lot to look forward to this year, including the highly anticipated “Black Adam,” which is heading to Comic-Con in San Diego this year. Johnson may play a morally grey hero in a DC movie, but he seems like a pretty bright star for his family and the community where his own moral and ethical norms lie.