Rock and Kevin Hart can often fry each other, but his friend from Jumanji talks about why they continue to do projects together


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Kevin Hart have become an unexpected Hollywood movie duo, and the audience never suspected that they needed it. Two movie stars have proven to be a formula for success thanks to such successes as “Central Intelligence” and the “Jumanji” franchise. Of course, their chemistry on the screen turned into a real Hollywood romance. Part of being best Hollywood friends was the constant grilling between Rock and Hart both online and offline. Despite the fact that he often fried each other, the comedian told why the partners in the film continue to work on projects together.

The stars of “Jumanji: A New Level” not only started the “Central Intelligence” and adventure franchise, but Hart also played a notable cameo in Johnson’s “Fast and Furious” spin-off “Hobbs and the Show.” Given their long on-screen partnership, ET mentioned to the “Fatherhood” actor that DC League of Super—Pets is the duo’s fifth film together. After hearing this fact, Hart told why the relationship of two movie stars on screen and in real life makes them shoot film after film together.

You know what, I have to be honest, man [like we’re best friends]. We have a great relationship both on screen and off-screen. These things just don’t happen, right? This is something that you definitely have to realize how special it is. It shouldn’t be like this. Usually you don’t have a relationship on the screen and off at this magnitude. I like the fact that we get along. I like that we react to the material presented to us. I love that we’re still finding ways to be creative.

Rock and Hart do have a chemistry that many actors in Hollywood can’t keep up with behind the scenes. That’s why the films of this duo always seem authentic and fun. Rock’s sweet tribute to their friendship perfectly reflects their chemistry. Working together with a friend will make any experience worth returning to new projects repeatedly. It doesn’t hurt that their collaboration has brought huge box office receipts.

While colleagues in the film “Jumanji” love and respect each other, their friendship has led to constant trolling (in the style of Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman). The Super-Pets promotions were no different, as the film’s profit-making partners exchanged birthday gifts with Extra after Hart’s stellar 43rd birthday. Watch Johnson being forced to sit with Hart at his Peacock Hart to Heart chat festival in the video below.

But the funny moments between the actors didn’t end with the interview, as Rock posted a cute video on his Instagram of a hilarious conversation between him and Hart. The video highlighted the noticeable difference in the height of best friends. But it is the parental act of the actor from “Jungle Cruise” that overshadows everyone’s attention.

With DC League of Super-Pets getting ready to hit theaters soon, one of the looming questions was, will moviegoers get another Jumanji movie? The Rock’s production partner Hiram Garcia said that the fourth film will be next on schedule after the actor, Hart and Karen Gillan finish working on their current projects. So, the continuation of “Jumanji: The Next Level” is already in the works.

While moviegoers are waiting for the fourth part, they can hear Rock and Kevin Hart as super-dog Crypto and Ace the bat in DC League of Super-Pets, which will be released in theaters on July 29. You can see what other projects the two partners are starring in by reviewing our 2022 film schedule.