Robots used to fight the new coronavirus arrive in Brazil


Robots used in China to fight the advancement of the new coronavirus are already in Brazil. The solution arrives in the country through the Brazilian company Alabia, which studies the use of Artificial Intelligence in services aimed at society. The models are able to interact with suspected or diagnosed patients with Covid-19, helping with the delivery of drugs, food, among other functions in hospitals.

The idea is to help health professionals, avoiding constant contact with infected patients and facilitating their isolation. In addition, according to the brand, the Brazilian version of the robot manages to be user friendly and has a humanized interface.

The initiative was successful when it appeared on social media, at the time in a hotel in Hangzhou, China, which had more than 200 isolated people. On video, the official local government news agency released images of the robot delivering food through the corridors and greeting patients. In Brazil, there is still no information on how the service will work, nor whether health agencies will choose to use Alabia models.

It is worth mentioning that, with the pandemic, several technologies have been used to contain the progress of the disease. In some countries in Europe and Asia, for example, governments use drones to warn the population to stay home, while even 5G antennas have been installed in China, in order to increase internet coverage for patients to perform online consultations.


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