Robotic Hand, Ultra Powerful and Sensitive enough to Play Piano


A robotic hand developed in South Korea is described by its developers as the strongest robotic hand in the world. The robotic hand, which can lift 3 times its own weight, can also perform high-precision tasks such as playing the piano.

The development of robots that can hold and remove everyday objects with the delicate touch of a person is one of the most common goals for people working in this field. Scientists from the Korean Machinery and Materials Institute define the new robotic hand they have developed as the most powerful robotic hand in the world.

The robotic hand was produced based on both the dimensions and functions of a human hand. But the number of fingers of the robotic hand is different from the human hand, the robotic hand has 4 fingers. The robotic hand has a control unit in the palm. The hand, which moves with 12 engines, has a total of 16 joints. These motors and joints can move independently of each other. This allows the hand to grasp and lift objects. Although the developed robotic hand is about 1 kg, it can lift up to 3 kg.

The robotic hand developed by scientists from Korea Machinery and Materials Institute becomes the lightest robotic hand on the market with this design. More importantly, it is the robotic hand that lifts the most load against its own weight. Scientists explained that the robotic hand was designed to be easily placed on the robotic arms.

The resulting feature of the developed robotic hand is not just lifting loads. The robotic hand can also adjust the direction and magnitude of its force when touching different objects. Force and touch sensors were placed in the finger and palm of the hand to adjust the size and direction of the applied force. These sensors enable operations such as playing the piano, holding eggs, and grabbing a glass of water.

Video of the robotic hand playing the piano


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