Robotic Basketball Backboard with Each Ball Throwed into the Basket


YouTuber Shange Wighton, who designed a backboard that put every ball thrown into the pot in the past days, has now developed a pot where every ball you throw is in the basket. You can access the details of the system that combines the power of electronic components and software from our article.

The idea of ​​a backboard with every ball you throw in might sound a bit crazy, but YouTuber Shange Wighton had managed to design such a backboard recently . YouTuber, who managed to design such a backboard by combining basic physics with computer technologies, used a simulation to explore the angles that would make every ball thrown through the circle .

After the time has passed, YouTuber Wighton says that if we do not count the software and simulation tools, it is not completely satisfied with this planer, which is made with materials such as wood and adhesives that can be easily found , so it is a new quest . The pot this time is a bit different than the other. Let’s take a closer look at this new pot developed by YouTuber.

This time the crucible gets help from robotic equipment and computer software:

Wighton said that he emphasized 2 points while designing the new backboard. He points out that the first of these points is to move to the right, left, down, up or other angles for the pania, and the second to make it possible to do all this as quickly as possible.

In order to provide these two important points, there are three different engines in the system . These motors, each controlling a separate robotic arm, move the arms in the required direction to allow the incoming ball to enter the basket.

Small problems can arise:

Although the new crucible developed by YouTuber works with high accuracy, small problems can arise. The main reason for these problems is the signal delay between the pot and the computer . At this point, when the computer is unable to detect the angle of the ball in about 600 milliseconds and send it to the pot, or send it late, the system cannot naturally respond. Still, YouTuber Wighton adds that he has largely overcome these problems .

YouTuber also included all the equipment he used to shoot this video in the description of his video. At this point, we can not say that the crucible in the video is unfortunately a low cost and can be made in home conditions like in the other video. We should also point out that you can watch the video of the backboard where every ball you throw before entering the post is in the basket right below .

The robotic Basketball Backboard where every ball you throw goes into the basket:


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