Robot Wolves Began to Be Used Against Wild Animals


In Japan, a precisely Japanese method is used to protect farmland against bears and other wild animals. Protection of the lands is entrusted to robot wolves.

If robot wolves and bears fight, who will win? Although the answer to this question is not yet known, when we look at the situation in Japan, it is seen that robot wolves are intimidating bears. The pretty sight of these robot wolves can make anyone shudder.

According to the report of JAPANkyo, these “monster wolves”, which are approximately 61 centimeters tall, are produced by a company called Ohta Seiki. The aim of the robots is to enable farmers to deal with bears and other creatures that can damage land.

Metal wolves are terrifying

A farmer in the city of Takikawa says he decided to buy a pair of wolves after seeing bears roaming around his field. The only function of wolves is not just to stand still, they also make sounds.

These mechanical worms have four legs, the apex has a leg-like attachment. Robots, whose bodies are designed with feathers, have a large head and red eyes. Robots with infrared sensors make a sound when they detect movement. These sounds can also be adjusted with the timer.

The sounds made by robot wolves are also quite different. Among the more than 40 sound options, there are many different alternatives, from the usual wolf sounds to mechanical noises. Thus, the creatures living in the region cannot decipher the “trick” made.

Wolves prevented bears

157 people were attacked by bears last year in Japan. In 2020, many people experienced this misfortune and two people died. Officials in Takikawa stated that there has been no such incident since the metal wolves came to work.

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The reason for the bears attacking humans is the decrease in cones in these creatures’ natural habitats. Black bears store fat before hibernation by eating high-calorie shelled foods. Due to the shortage of conifers, bears frequent cities to find food. The Japanese also take such a precaution against bears.



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