Robot wolf, trying to scare the bears they created?


78 units have been sold in 2 years of a robot loaded with motion sensors that also “howls.” When Nature fails, Technology comes into play. And it is sadly ironic that in this case, because of humans, nature has had to be replaced by technology, as happens to the city of Takikawa, on the north island of Hokkaido, which has problems with bear attacks .

Takikawa bears

Bear sightings are at their highest in five years, mostly in rural areas of western and northern Japan, national television NHK reported. There have been dozens of attacks so far in 2020, two of them deadly, prompting the government to call an emergency meeting last month to address the threat they pose.

Bears appear to become more active and dangerous when looking for food before going into hibernation in late November. A decline in wild acorns and walnuts this year may have prompted animals to venture near cities in search of sustenance. The measure would have been to let nature take its course and rebalance itself, with the presence of the Japanese wolf that confronts these bears.

The problem is that the true Japanese wolf that roamed the islands in the center and north of the country no longer exists, as it was hunted to extinction more than a century ago. The solution? Turn it into a robot.

The Robotic Wolf

The city of Takikawa has toured the ‘Wolf Monster’, a robot consisting of a furry, four-legged body, a blond mane, and fierce glowing red eyes. The robotic entity is equipped with sensors and motion detectors, and when these detect a nearby presence, the robot shakes its head, turns on various lights and even ‘howls’, emitting up to 60 different sounds ranging from wolf howls to machine noises .

With this, it is possible to scare the bears and make them leave. And it is working so well, that the machinery manufacturer Ohta Seiki has sold about 70 units of the robot in 2 years, since 2018. Of course, it would be ideal in your garden for the next Halloween, because at night and in the darkness, between the red eyes and the sound really scares.


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