Robot soldiers will be 25% British Army from 2030


In comments released by The Guardian newspaper on Sunday (8), the commander of the United Kingdom’s Armed Forces, Sir Nick Carter, revealed that the British army could include a large number of robots in the coming years.

Although a cavalry of armed androids as in science fiction films should not be expected, General Carter said that an army “designed for the 2030s” could feature a significant number of autonomous or remotely controlled robots, which could reach 30,000 units.

Although it seemed, at first, an announcement based only on technological advances capable of ensuring an advantage on the battlefield, the truth is that the Queen’s Armed Forces face one of the most serious recruitment crises in the history of the British army, with an effective current number of 73,900 people, nine thousand less than the desired number.

Future military robots

Following a trend in the US army, the United Kingdom’s armed forces also began to develop robots to work with human soldiers, such as small observation drones and remote control vehicles used in reconnaissance missions.

In addition to ground robots, the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defense (MoD) is working on creating an armed hexacopter, capable of flying inside buildings and tracking targets through sophisticated machine vision.

Known as the “i9” flying weapon, it already has a working prototype, with the mission of acting in situations considered extremely dangerous for sending human soldiers, as the equipment could operate remotely.

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