Robot dog follows the owner without using a remote control


Robot dog: Piaggio, the Italian company that gave us the most famous scooter in the world (the Vespa), announced the creation of a module capable of transforming a Boston Robotics reconnaissance robot, Spot, into a virtual pet robot dog, which is able to track and follow its owner from side to side, without using a remote control.

Result of a partnership with the North American technology company Trimble, Piaggio’s smart follow module was named PFFTag (Piaggio Fast Forward Tag). Fast Forward here is the name of the Italian company’s robotics company. The module uses laser scanning and sensors from the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) to guide Guita, the name of the “puppy”.

While most robots, including Spot itself, are manually controlled by joysticks, the Gita follows your human as if guided by smell. But, like the Boston Dynamcs robot, it manages to lead platoons of mini-robots capable of transporting utilities such as tools and equipment.

Another important differential of the Gita is that it manages to retrace its path. As he is guided by satellite, all you have to do is send him home, and he turns around and returns the same way, without any kind of human supervision. Even better than a real pet, which usually makes a charm before.