Robot Chef: 18 types of food and can fry potatoes!


The economic damage caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has led to the permanent closures of hundreds of thousands of restaurants around the world in the past seven months alone. However, the developers of Miso Robotics Robot Chief Flippy stated that they took a hand in this situation.

Robot Chef Flippy can fry 18 types of food and fries

Buck Jordan, founder and CEO of Miso Robotics, said in an interview with Engadget that the transition from full-service catering to take-out and delivery has caused many restaurants to lose money and just try to stay afloat. It’s worth noting that when using delivery apps like UberEats, they cut each order by more than 30 percent.

For this reason, the company announced on Tuesday that it is making the latest version of Flippy commercially available worldwide. To begin with, the company optimized its ChefUI software to assist kitchen workers with responsive communication and workflow. With this system, caterers can not only see which orders are in order for cooking, but also monitor the core temperature of food, prevent undercooked food from entering the kitchen, and even set the queue for order preparation thanks to the integration of Intel Real Sense cameras.

For example, Jordan notes that cooking french fries takes about 3 minutes, compared to 10 minutes for a hamburger. So instead of keeping the fries under the heating lamp for 7 minutes before the burger is ready, Robot Chef will know that he will put the fries in the oil just 3 minutes before the burger is cooked.

Flippy can prepare 18 different dishes today, starting with chicken tandoori. However, the manufacturer promises to increase its skills when the robot can be trained, thanks to an advanced machine learning system developed by Miso.

A glass pane can be attached to Flippy to help at least partially reduce the risk of coronavirus infection while working alongside other chefs. It will help isolate the robot from breathing personnel during the cooking process. It is worth noting that the Robot Chief also received NSF safety certification.


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