Roborace autonomous vehicle race came up with accidents


With the development of artificial intelligence supported systems, there were big leaps in the automotive industry. Roborace autonomous vehicle race accidents, in which artificial intelligence powered vehicles compete, became the agenda on Twitter.

Roborace event came up with accidents

After concepts such as deep learning and machine learning entered our lives, they started to be used actively in many areas. Face recognition systems, autonomous vehicles and recommendation systems of companies such as YouTube are among the most concrete examples of artificial intelligence development.

Roborace otonom araç yarışı kazalar ile gündeme geldi

The first day of the event called Roborace, where only autonomous vehicles competed, unfortunately ended in many ways with disappointment. In the event, some vehicles hit the wall when the race started, while some vehicles were out of the race by spinning in the middle of the race.

Accidents made by autonomous vehicles in the competition revealed that artificial intelligence should develop further. The event ends on October 30th.


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