Roblox Project Slayers Codes (August 2022)


Project Slayers Codes How to activate codes in Project Slayers

Project Slayers is a brand new Roblox game created by the Project Slayers team. In this game, players begin to create a new character from the Demon Slayer universe. Players can choose to be human or turn into a demon as they progress through the game. There are many different types of weapons and breaths. Players will need to complete quests and defeat enemies to get a currency called Ven, which is used to buy various items, from weapons to bandages.

Clans are another part of the game on which players’ progress depends. The combat in this game is focused on combos and blocking, and players will need to switch the fighting stance before they can fight enemies. The map is quite large, with different cities in which players can set their spawn.

The active and expired codes for Project Slayers are listed below, as well as ways to use them.

Project Slayers Codes

Roblox players who wish to receive bonus clan spins, Demonic Art spins and experience points can use the following active codes. These codes expire at random intervals, so be sure to use them as soon as they become available. The codes can only be claimed once for each account. Be sure to visit more often, as the codes can be released at any time.

The codes were verified on August 29, 2022.


Miniupdate3 — Free clan/demon spins and daily spins MiniUpdate3racereset — Race reset Miniupdate3breathingreset — Breath reset


FlAm3!Shawcas31 – free spins of clan/demon art and daily spin 1o0millvisits-_- – free spins of clan/demon art and daily spin 1o0millvisits-_-racereset – race reset 1o0millvisits-_-breathingreset – breath reset miniupd2 – free clan/demon Art Spins and Daily Spins miniupd2breathreset – Breath Reset miniupd2racereset – Race Reset twittaspins – Free Clan/Demon spins and daily sCyth3Showcase spins! – Free Clan/demon spins and daily 350Kupvotes spins! – Free Clan/demon art spins and 350Kupvotes daily spin! Breathing – Reset the last breathing code? LOL – Free spins of clan/demon art and daily rotation another day – Another shutdown – Free spins of clan/demon art and daily rotation of 300 likes! – Free Clan/Demon Spins and Daily shutdownnumb2 Spins – Free Clan/Demon Spins and Daily Spin – 35x Clan Spins, 15x Demon Art Spins, 1x Daily Spins miniupdate – Free Spins miniupdatedaily – Free Spins soryagainguys:V – 75 Clan Spins 200K+upvotestysm – 1000 experience, 50 clan spins, 30 demonic art spins – 2000 experience, 75 clan spins and 35 demonic art spins! – 25 clan spins, sorry for the shutdown! – 25 clan spins and 10 demon art spins were reserved – 50 clan spins, 20 demon art spins and 2000 experience AT LAST- RELEASE TIME! – 300 Veins, 120 Experience and 15 Clan Spins

How to activate codes in Project Slayers

When it comes to redeeming codes in Project Slayers, it’s a bit different from most games. Players can complete the following steps to get their rewards. If for some reason the code does not work, be sure to check that the code is entered correctly. If the code still does not work, it may mean that its validity has recently expired or it has already been claimed.

Launch Project Slayers After logging into the game, press M to open the menu. Click the Book icon to open the Codes window. At the bottom of the window, enter the code from the “Active” section in the field and click “Send code”.

Roblox is available on PC, mobile devices and Xbox One.


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