Roblox Launches New Toy Line In Brazil


Roblox: Sunny Toys announced that it will be the official distributor of another toy line inspired by the Roblox phenomenon. It is a list of kits inspired by the different mini-games that are successful on the platform, starting with options from $9 to more complete models, which reach $125.

Playsets come with codes for shoppers to redeem items in-game, as well as a collector’s guide. Sunny also promotes its own game within Roblox called Sunny Toys Racing, which can be accessed by everyone. It’s a race track with distributor advertisements.

“It is very interesting to observe the Roblox phenomenon and how its success surpassed the virtual world. Today, several brands invest in the game to launch exclusive products, which proves its influence not only on children, but on the market as a whole ” – said Sharon Czitrom, marketing director of Sunny Toys.