Robin’s Cosplay Shows Who Nightwing Would Have Been If He Had Never Left Batman


A series of amazing cosplays by Robin shows what the future would have been for the Boy Wonder if he had never distanced himself from Batman and did not become Nightwing.

Introduced in Detective Comics #38, Dick Grayson is best known as Batman’s first Robin. Like Batman, Dick’s motivation to become a hero stems from the scene of the tragedy. As a child, Dick’s parents were brutally murdered by the mafia when the circus in which they performed did not pay money for protection. After witnessing the murder, Bruce Wayne saw himself in the surviving son of the Graysons and took the orphan under his care. Bruce later revealed himself to be a vigilante, inspiring Dick to become Batman’s perfect sidekick in the role of Robin. However, Bruce and Dick’s time as a Dynamic duo eventually came to an end when Dick left Gotham to become Nightwing as his own adult hero.

Although Batman always planned for Dick to become the protector of Gotham when he left, Bruce never intended to hand over the mantle of Robin so Dick could become Batman. Instead, Bruce always planned for Dick Grayson to remain Robin and replace Batman. A new set of cosplay photos from Visionarts on Instagram pays homage to this early perception of an adult Robin taking on the role of Batman. With battered armor that showcases a more mature take on the classic Robin costume, Visionarts cosplay does a great job of portraying the Nightwing hero that he would never leave Batman’s side in the form of a Boy Wonder.

Visionarts’ Robin cosplay depicts Nightwing’s possible future if he had never left Batman and distanced himself from Robin’s mantle. These cosplays show an elderly Robin as his costumes are heavily armored and covered in scratches, indicating that this former Boy Wonder has seen his share of fights. In addition, having created more worn-out versions of Robin’s classic designs, Visionarts suggests that this Robin can even work alone, which corresponds to Batman’s original plan for the future of Dick Grayson.

Given that Dick never planned to hand over Robin’s mantle, and Bruce never planned for him to become Batman, the image of an adult Robin Visionart fits. If Dick had never left Gotham, he probably would have preferred to remain Robin, defending the city instead of Batman. Visionarts cosplay supports this idea, making Robin look as intimidating and battle-hardened as his predecessor. So it’s easy to look at this cosplay series and see an adult Robin who, instead of becoming Nightwing, took Batman’s place as Gotham’s greatest defender.

Visionarts’ fantastic cosplays remind fans of what Dick Grayson’s future could have been if he had remained Batman’s sidekick. Of course, it’s hard to imagine Gotham without Batman, but Dick Grayson is a worthy successor, whether he inherits the hood, remains Robin or becomes Nightwing.


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