Robinhood Presents Flaws with Dogecoin Explosion and Becomes Meme


Robinhood: On Tuesday (4), the cryptocurrency Dogecoin reached a new historic high in its price and caused instability in Robinhood, one of the main brokers in the United States. Although it lasted “only” an hour, the case displeased investors and, ultimately, also generated good-natured reactions on Twitter.

The problem prevented investors from embarking on the possibility of earning some profit from the rapid rise in values ​​and, therefore, it did not take long for several criticisms and accusations to appear on social networks. Some netizens suspected the “coincidence” between the valuation and instability on the Robinhood platform, while others accused the broker of operating with malicious conduct.

And the indignation is not insignificant: the problem seems to be recurring, since in the last month of March Robinhood also had to apologize for showing instabilities after a big increase, this time in the traditional stock market. At the time, the broker said that what happened was due to a large increase in user traffic – which currently total more than 13 million customers.

On the other hand, after the fervor of the moment, some netizens preferred to take the case with an ironic good humor and posted their reactions on Twitter. Mostly, the jokes infer Robinhood’s mismanagement every time Dogecoin enters a bullish movement. Check out:

In a statement, Robinhood again apologized to its users and pledged to “continue to monitor the situation closely”. The problem resulted in a 19% loss in possible gains from Dogecoin’s bullish move.

Towards the Moon?

Exceeding US $ 0.50, about R $ 2.70 in direct conversion, Dogecoin brings together a legion of fans from all over the world. The asset was launched in late 2013, stamping the famous meme Doge as a symbol, a likeable Shiba Inu quite popular in the last decade. Despite not having a well-defined purpose, the currency has recently reached an impressive market capitalization of US $ 73 billion – which is growing every day.


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