Robin Tim Drake’s Identity Crisis Is Deeper Than Fans Think


Attention: Spoilers for DC Pride: Tim Drake Special #1!

Third Robin from Batman’s ever-growing bat family, Tim Drake, has been through a lot lately, and in a special issue of DC Pride, which reprints a collection of recent Tim Drake stories, as well as a new one, this Boy Wonder’s personality Crisis really spoils his outlook on life.

Part of DC Pride: Tim Drake Special #1, a story by Megan Fitzmartin and Belen Ortega called “The Sum of Our Parts, Part 2”, tells about Tim following the trail of a new cult specializing in chaos and pain. Soon captured by the cult, Tim uses this opportunity to see what they are up to, as well as find out how they are connected to various missing people in Gotham; including Tim’s friend and new love interest, Bernard.

While waiting on the roof of the cult for the completion of the next part of his mission, Tim begins to doubt himself and what he is doing not only as Robin, but also as good old Tim Drake. When his captors had already asked him what he wanted, he only replied, “How am I supposed to know that?” Tim runs with this thought while his identity crisis plays out in his head in real time.

Pondering ideas about what scares him the most, and also why he punishes himself by taking part in the cult of pain, Tim admits to himself that “behind all this lies the real question — who am I if I’m not Robin.” ?” Having difficulty finding his place in the bat family after Damian Wayne became the “main” Robin of the bat team, in this story Tim directly answers this question, and also tells fans that his personality problems go deeper than the inability to choose the right codename.

Something that has been clear to fans for some time, DC didn’t always know the answer to Tim’s “Who am I if I’m not Robin?” question, as Tim jumped from hero identity to hero identity, changing random costumes along the way, only to return to a kind of golden mean each time. Explaining in his narration that because he has always been Robin, he has always seen himself as Robin and that every important moment in his life happened while he was Robin, Tim doesn’t really know who or who he is (or could be) without Robin. part of the equation.

In the past, Tim has considered giving up the role of partner, wanting the Bat mantle, going to college and relying on his newly converted bisexual nature, but nothing seems to be working out. And now, finally, Tim Drake has realized that he needs to focus on what he really wants, but if he is not careful, his identity crisis will lead to something that even Tim, being Robin, will not be able to solve.