ROBH: Why Lisa & Brandi’s Friendship was Destined to Fail


Some friendships are short-lived, and in the case of Brandi Glanville and Lisa Vanderpump from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, this is undoubtedly true. The couple’s budding friendship started strong, but there were signs that it wasn’t forever. Their personalities clashed in many ways.

Brandy joined the cast of RHOBH as a full-time housewife at the beginning of season 3. She was an outspoken addition to the cast, causing problems from the start, especially with sisters Kim and Kyle Richards. Lisa saw something in Brandy that made her feel like a mother, and so she struck up a new interesting friendship.

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From the moment their friendship began, it became clear to fans that Lisa finds many aspects of Brandy cute, while others consider her inappropriate and unacceptable. She took Brandi under her wing, almost like a mother, and at one time Brandi even called Lisa and her husband Ken Todd “pseudo-parents.” Many times throughout their friendship, Lisa found it difficult to side with Brandi if she did or said something inappropriate, but for the most part Lisa wanted to be close to Brandi, and Brandi felt the same way. Several moments in RHOBH, led by two conflicting personalities, determined how this ill-fated friendship would end.

During the 4th season of RHOBH, Brandi was confronted and offended when the woman with whom her ex-husband Eddie Cibrian had an affair was also one of Lisa’s employees, Sheana Shay, and worked at an event that the actors attended. Brandy tried to get Lisa to choose between her and Sheana, and Lisa arranged for them to meet and discuss the problem. Perhaps this was the beginning of the end, as Lisa began to see a side of Brandy that she didn’t like. One example is during their trip to Puerto Rico, when Brandi told Kyle that Lisa wanted to deliberately collect tabloids with a story that Kyle’s husband Mauricio Umanski was allegedly cheating on her.

By the fifth season of RHOBH, their friendship looked pretty bleak for the couple. Although they both said something about each other, neither of them was in a hurry to apologize. Lisa is known for her inability to apologize when she was caught, so naturally when Brandy wanted an apology from her, Lisa felt she didn’t need to bring it. During their trip to Amsterdam, Brandy playfully slapped Lisa in the face and spent the rest of her time there, trying to win back Lisa’s favor, but making many unsuccessful attempts along the way.

Although Lisa and Brandy from RHOBH had a similar sense of humor, they didn’t fit together. The friendship started strong and almost mimicked a mother-daughter relationship as Lisa tried to take former RHOBH villain Brandi under her wing and take care of her. But, in the end, their personalities collided, and things happened between them that can no longer be fixed.


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