Roberto Jefferson Has Twitter Blocked By Order of Moraes


Roberto Jefferson: This Friday (13), the former deputy and national president of the PTB, Roberto Jefferson, was preemptively arrested by the PF by order of Alexandre de Moraes, minister of the Federal Supreme Court, on suspicion of involvement in a digital militia that acts against democracy. A search and seizure order on the politician’s property and the suspension of the profile @BobJeffRoadKing on Twitter was also complied with.

Within the 9,844 petition of the Federal District, Moraes states that the blockade is “necessary for the interruption of criminal hate speeches and contrary to democratic institutions and elections.”

Earlier this morning, the account posted on the social network: “The Federal Police went to the house of my ex-wife, mother and my children, with a warrant for their arrest and search and apprehension. Let’s see where this mischief comes from.”

In addition, the user called Moraes “Dog of the STF” and said that the minister is “repeating the same acts of the Supreme of Venezuela, arresting the Conservatives to enthrone the communists”; See Tweets captured by the Poder360 portal — which are no longer available.

The arrest warrant was made by the PF. The institution’s investigation is part of an inquiry opened by Moraes in July, which brings together contents collected in the Fake News inquiries and anti-democratic acts.

The minister authorized access to storage media in the search and seizure request, including cell phones, hard drives, pen drives and materials stored in the cloud.

“The represented publishes videos and statements, where he exhibits weapons, makes hateful and homophobic speeches and encourages violence, in addition to manifesting himself, frontally, against democracy and the Institutions essential to the maintenance of the democratic rule of law, among them, the Federal Supreme Court,” informed the petition.

A group of alternate accounts

The official profile of the former deputy was suspended in July 2020 due to a legal demand. According to information from the Federal Police, the prisoner started to use profiles such as @bobjefh and @BobjeffHD and, since May 2021, @BobJeffRoadKin, which had more than 32 thousand followers.


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