Robert Pattinson’s “Year One” to Address Batman


The filmmaker in charge of the new Dark Knight film unveils new details of a prequel series that will premiere on HBO Max.

Although one of the most celebrated moments of the recent DC FanDome was the presentation of the first trailer of Matt Reeves’ The Batman with Robert Pattinson and the first scenes of the actor as the Dark Knight, the filmmaker himself revealed in the panel dedicated to his film the First details of the television series based on the Gotham Central comics and announced a few weeks ago as a spin-off prequel to the new film.

Prequel “Year One” of the Dark Knight

Thus, according to Matt Reeves, the series based on Gotham Central (it does not yet have a definitive title) will deal with Batman’s first steps as a Gotham vigilante, that moment in which the character is more a legend than a reality, always under the point of View of the Gotham City Police Department.

“Back to Year One, the first emergency, the first appearance of this masked vigilante who begins to disrupt the city. You will begin to see the story through the point of view of these corrupt policemen and one in particular. And the story is really a battle for his soul, ”Reeves said on his DC FanDome panel.

Thus, this new series by Terence Winter, responsible for the celebrated Boardwalk Empire, will act as a complement to the theatrical film, of which we could see its first video preview a few days ago and that you can see heading this news. Of course, its plot will not revolve around the beginnings of several classic Batman villains (as the Gotham series already did), but will focus on the relationship between an inexperienced Batman and a corrupt police department.

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“You are in a new place where you have never seen these characters before, some of whom we will discuss you may have seen in the comics, but others are totally new,” concluded Reeves. The series does not have a release date yet, although it should reach HBO Max around the release date of The Batman in theaters, planned for October 1,? 0? 1.


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