Robert Pattinson’s Batman trailer recreated in LEGO key


Several fans make a stop-motion recreation of the trailer for the new Dark Knight movie by Matt Reeves scheduled for March 2022.

The Batman, the new Dark Knight movie directed by filmmaker Matt Reeves and starring actor Robert Pattinson, continues to arouse the interest of many fans around the world as a result of the spectacular trailer shown at the last DC FanDome event, as well as the numerous and promising photographs and videos of filming on location in the cities of Liverpool and Chicago. So much so, that a group of fans who love stop-motion animation have recreated the trailer for the film using LEGO figures, shot by shot, keeping the soundtrack and dialogue; and the result could not be more attractive.

This is the trailer for The Batman with LEGO figures

Thus, the user Joebor1777 has published a video that perfectly emulates the trailer for The Batman seen in the last edition of the DC FanDome, the first preview of the new Dark Knight movie that surprised everyone so much by the tone of the film as well as the interpretations of his characters, especially Pattinson’s ruthless detective Batman.

And it is that after two months of work for the creation of each shot and sequence, of the representation of the scenes and characters, the video of the user Joebor1777 along with 12 other animators, individuals and specialized studios, has managed to attract the attention of even the scriptwriter of the original film, Mattson Tomlin, who has reacted to the assembly of the fans through his personal Twitter account with a “STRONG” next to a bat emoticon.

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Of course, the recreation is as faithful as it is astonishing and includes both the original voices, the sound effects and the soundtrack, by the legendary song Something In The Way by Nirvana, a song that fits like a glove to the dark and melancholic tone of the trailer. The Batman will be released in theaters on March 4, 2022 after its latest delay.


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