Robert Pattinson’s “Batman 2” has taken an exciting step forward


After the mind-blowing success of “Batman” as a movie released in 2022, negotiations for a sequel were only a matter of time. Earlier this year, it was confirmed that the next chapter of Robert Pattinson’s “Caped Crusader” will take place, and “the whole team” will return for a walk. These claims were not lies, as “Batman 2” has taken an exciting step forward thanks to the official team of writers of the film, which is now in the process of being created.

Although his work on the relaunch of DC comics is not officially mentioned this year, writer Mattson Tomlin has made several important changes to the Batman script. Thanks to co-writer/director Matt Reeves and screenwriter Peter Craig, Reeves will retain both of these positions in Batman 2; with Tomlin promoted to featured co-writer. But before you start looking for any plot details in the THR report, there is nothing like that at the moment.

Batman is currently available for streaming to HBO Max subscribers, no production or release date has been set for Batman 2. However, if you’re wondering which upcoming DC movies are still in the queue, you can browse this list at your leisure. Just don’t let Dwayne Johnson know that you may have forgotten that “Black Adam” will take its place as the next DCEU release in theaters starting October 21.

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