Robert Pattinson understood nothing of the plot


Christopher Nolan will blow our heads again with Tenet, his new movie. It seems he didn’t have enough with Origin. We recently discovered that the director had bought a plane only to crash it because it was cheaper than investing in special effects.

Robert Pattinson has now recounted that during the months of filming he understood absolutely nothing of what was happening:

“Months went by during filming when I actually honestly had no idea if I was vaguely understanding what was going on. On the last day I asked [John David] about what was going on in a scene, and that’s how I realized how profoundly wrong I was about the character. And he answered me how I could have thought this all along. ”

“It is an incredibly complicated movie, like all of Chris’s movies. You have to see them fully finished and assembled three or four times to understand the true meaning. “


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