Robert Pattinson reveals an anecdote with Kristen Stewart


Very attracted by Kristen Stewart at the time of Twilight, Robert Pattinson had confided to be spellbound by his kisses with the actress.

If Robert Pattinson today has the perfect love affair with Suki Waterhouse, whom he has been dating for several years, fans have certainly not forgotten his highly publicized relationship with his co-star in Twilight, Kristen Stewart. In love with the screen, the two actors also lived a beautiful story off camera, making the duo one of the most emblematic couples in Hollywood at the time. While the followers of the saga were amazed to see their love scenes and their complicity on the big screen, know that Robert Pattinson did not hide his enthusiasm during his kissing scenes with the pretty brunette.

The interpreter of Edward Cullen indeed confessed in an interview for Now Magazine in 2010 that he let himself go completely when he had to kiss Kristen Stewart: “When we start the kissing scenes, I forget that we are surrounded by a lot of people. I end up really getting carried away “he had said before adding” It is only when the kiss is over that my mind registers that there is in fact a film set. with lots of people around, and then I just go embarrassed. ” An anecdote as funny as it is adorable which is sure to delight nostalgic fans. And even though Reese Witherspoon hated kissing Robert Pattinson, we have a firm belief that Kristen didn’t.

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